Keys to Peak Performance

September 24, 2014

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Contributed by Dr. Jon Herting

I was cleaning out old books from undergrad and found a handout outlining the Keys to Peak Performance. Unfortunately the handout was not cited so I cant give credit where its due but I have altered the handout anyway regarding my current views.

COMMITMENT – The greater the commitment, the greater the return.

CONSISTENCY –  Train and work on your craft on an everyday basis.

Competition – Against yourself (set personal goals), as well as against your opponent

Concentration – Focus on improving your skills.

Progression – Train with intensity, and increase the demands you place on your body (and mind) on a regular basis.

Emphasis – Place the biggest emphasis on developing your weakest skills, as well as the ones that are most essential to your sport.

Total Training – Work on the entire package – athletic skills, sport specific skills, and mental skills.

Center of Power – Train the trunk and torso daily. These are critical for virtually all movement.

Mobility/Flexibility – Is the key to reduction of risk of injury, and improved power and performance.

Strength – Essential for power development, and reduction of risk of injury.

Speed/Quickness – Point A to point B in as short of a time as possible while maintaining body control.

Power – Force x Distance / Time

Athleticism – Speed, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, reaction time, etc.

Sport Specific Skills – Always work to develop the skills unique and special to your sport.

As you see some of these things are pertinent both on the athletic field and in life. If you work on each of these things regularly you will succeed achieve success on the field, in the classroom and in life.

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