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September 15, 2014

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Contributed by Dr. Jon Herting

Mentoring students is one of the core values that I keep in order to help further my profession (Physical Therapy) and it is something that I believe all strength and conditioning and medical professionals should do. It not only helps them shape the minds of future professionals but it also helps to keep you sharp and on your game as you teach current concepts. I believe that if you maintain a core value of teaching others you will become a better therapist or coach while helping to guide students and young professionals to continue to bring our professions forward to provide better care and services to our clients, athletes, and patients. By the same token most of us in the strength and conditioning and medical fields are all too familiar with the internships and clinical rotations (unpaid time) that is mandatory as we complete our education and move up in the ranks of our chosen profession. While most of these opportunities are unpaid, which can be frustrating at points, they need to be viewed as fantastic opportunities to learn and grow in your chosen field, gaining valuable experience, instead of the student becoming jaded because they are working long hours for little to no pay.

That being said Dr. Brandon Marcello, the Director of Sports Performance at Stanford, provided his “2 Cents” in an article posted recently. He reviews his 12 Fundamental Ideals that he believes hold true at each part of the educational and professional experience. You will notice that many of the ideals do not change as you rise through the ranks but this is a great read for those thinking about entering the field and for those currently in the field who may have lost their way.


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